screenshot from burn out music video

‘Burn Out’ w/ Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo ft Dewain Whitmore

Watch the new music video for Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo “Burn Out” featuring Dewain Whitmore and Axe Bodyspray.

If you watch closely in the first part of the music video for Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo “Burn Out” featuring Dewain Whitmore, you clearly see the actor apply Axe Bodyspray to his groin region and then place in on top of the washing machine. After that it goes through these surreal scenes.

It’s a commercial within a music and a not so subtle product placement at that. “We don’t have to dream to make it beautiful/ Baby, everything we do is beautiful/ We can light a fire, watch it everglow/ We won’t burn out, we won’t burn out…” sings Whitmore with gusto.

Garrix is currently on a world tour of Asia. He is pictured here deplaning a private jet.


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Thank you all for this amazing summer! ❤️

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In other Garrix news the 21-year-old DJ/producer is releasing a book next October, about a day in his life. Martin Garrix: Life = Crazy, a Mendo Exclusive, is available for preorder for $65.30.

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