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BØRNS Sophomore Album Has New Single Ft. Lana Del Rey

BØRNS’ Blue Madonna LP dropped today and track one “God Save Our Young Blood” features Lana Del Rey. It is his first album since 2015.

BØRNS aka Garrett Borns released his sophomore album Blue Madonna via Interscope Records on January 12, 2018. He teased the release of the highly anticipated LP with a series of songs from the new project starting last summer. This included the first track “God Save Us All” featuring Lana Del Rey.

Blue Madonna Tracklist:

1. God Save Our Young Blood ft. Lana Del Rey
2. Faded Heart
3. Sweet Dreams
4. We Don’t Care
5. Man
6. Iceberg
7. Second Night of Summer
8. I Don’t Want U Back
9. Tension (Interlude)
10. Supernatural
11. Blue Madonna
12. Bye-bye Darling

The 26 year old Borns is from Michigan but relocated to Los Angeles where he worked on the album. In an official promo video on YouTube he says it was partially inspired by the mariachi bands in his neighborhood, which he could hear from his apartment. In an interview with GQ it says he enjoys antiquing, reading old books and magazines, and producing ethereal videos about lost sounds.

There was a rumor that Radiohead was suing Del Rey for plagiarizing their classic song “Creep.” However the band later denied the reports. Because who would ever want to sue Lana Del Rey?

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