The Best Pasties for Your Breast Type

One of the hottest trends at EDM events is pasties but which ones are best for your boobs?

Pasties are the final frontier before going completely topless, except perhaps body paint. Click the pictures below to learn more detailed information about each product including dimensions.

Small Nipples

Women with small breasts, i.e. a B-cup or smaller, are at an advantage in the pastie game because they need less support and have smaller areolae.

1. LUV U Heart Candy Pasties by Bad Bunny ($28)

Have perfect breasts but still crazy as hell? These LUV U pasties by Bad Bunny will stare at your favorite DJ like two eyes that have LUV U written on them all night. They go perfectly with the bunny filter on Snapchat or Instagram for inappropriate DM’s.

2. Lavender Teacup Pasties by Vixen and Vine ($41.11)

Express your fondness for tea on your nipples with this original concept for pasties by Vixen and Vine. The little tea bags swing around like tassels on a golden chain.

3. Woodland Nymph Moss and Flower Pasties by idolatre ($45)

Nature lovers will adore these moss pasties with little flowers on them. This one has a matching thong that is sold separately, and it makes your snatch look like moss.

Large Nipples

For those that are more well-endowed by nature there are still a lot of options for pasties.

4. Cover image: Powder Puff Marabou Pasties by Ledabynight $15.99

At the top of the page are the Powder Puff Marabou Pasties. The fluffy, pink pasties look like loose powder puffs, and make your nipples look furry and pink. Match them with furry slip-on slides.

5. Diamond Gem Shaped Rhinestone Nipple Pasties by SugarKitty Couture ($47)

These diamond shaped jewels come in eight sizes from extra small (1.75″) to double extra large (3.25″). So you can order in your size. Each pair includes detachable tassels in a metallic color.

6. Iridescent Leather Harness by MarandiCandiBras ($40)

This beautiful iridescent leather set of pasties and a matching harness and choker offer additional coverage and support.

Scar Tissue

Women develop scarring after breast surgery, most commonly after a mastectomy or a cosmetic procedure.

7. PINK Festival Front Tie Mesh Crop Top by Katrina Paz ($40)

This sheer, tie-front crop top offers additional coverage. But the off-shoulder, see through appearance is still very flattering.

8. Unicorn Crop Top Mesh Halter Top by Peitho Black ($32.95)

A sheer halter top with little unicorns over the nipples is still pretty revealing. And the tie-waist makes the mid section look narrower.

Not Comfortable Wearing Pasties

Many women are simply not happy with the idea of thousands of drunk festival attendees having their eyes locked to their mammary glands all night. And for them there are still options.

9. One Piece Black and GOLD Pineapple Monokini by ADashofChic ($54.99)

A black one piece bodysuit or swimsuit that has pasties printed on it as a graphic still draws attention to your T and A. This one also has a daring drop back. Pair it with shorts or overalls to dress in layers.

10. Tie Dye Alien Boobs Crop Top by IIMV CLOTHING ($14.64)

If you prefer t-shirts then what about a tie dye crop top with two alien faces? At this reasonable price you can get both colors.


Like what you see? Click on each image to visit the online storefront and support an indie fashion designer.

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