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Baauer Drops ‘Company’ Ft Soleima w/ Robot Music Video

The music video for Baauer’s latest single “Company” featuring Soleima, “Fuses technology with hip hop and pop cultural ephemera.”

For “Company” featuring Soleima, EDM producer Baauer worked with long time collaborator Jonathan Zawada on a music video with robots in it. The video is digitally animated.

Cause you got my head spinnin’ ’round/ Spinnin’ how you like/ It’s been days since I could breathe/ Now I breathe just fine/ Maybe it’s the wintertime, maybe it’s the cold/ Maybe I’m just here alone/ Just want your company…” sings Soleima in a heavily synthesized voice.

According to the description Zawada lives in the Australian outback. It also says, “He’s been working with Baauer since 2014, creating a world of digital sculpture that fuses technology with hip hop and pop cultural ephemera.” The description continues, “On ‘Company’ he explores how we emotionally connect virtually and physically: how human memory and digital memory intersect. The results are a deft balance of funny, profound, beautiful and at times, gross.”

Soleima, aka Sarah Mariegaard from Copenhagen, Denmark, was recently nominated for a MTV European Music Award (EMA). Of the new single with Baauer she remarks, “While I’m working hard on new music it’s so fun to be part of this jam! I wrote it a little while ago with my bestie @vascocph and our new friend @baauer. It’s about the art of being there for each other and I couldn’t be happier that it’s out! Check out the super cool video…❤️,” via Instagram.

Baauer, aka Harry Bauer Rodrigues, the man behind the “Harlem Shake,” has been working with a lot of robots lately. He just did “Hate Me” featuring Miquela. Miquela Sousa is a digital animation engineered by an LA-based firm called Brud, who has 1.5 million Instagram followers. The track is available as a free download at his official website. You just have to follow him.

Stream and/or download “Company” by Baauer featuring Soleima from your music provider of choice.

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