au/ra in emoji music video

Au/Ra Finds out She’s a Robot in ‘Emoji’ Music Video

In the futuristic “Emoji” music video Au/Ra discovers she is actually an advanced piece of technology. Her debut EP drops this Friday.

Au/Ra, aka Jamie Lou Stenzel from Ibiza, Spain, is only 16, and is not old enough to wear a rave costume or get into an EDM festival. But she is already signed to RCA Records/Sony Music.

Boy, I think you must be cool/ Cause you use the alien face/ And where you are, I got no clue/ Might as well be outer space…” sings Au/Ra in the opening lines of the song.

Only in the information age would someone be able to write a song inspired by emojis. In the music video she is applying makeup in her room when she notices that she is actually a robot.

On her official Instagram profile Au/Ra revealed that her debut EP is dropping this Friday, but does not give a title because it’s a surprise.

This year Au/Ra was featured on “Darkside” with Alan Walker and Tomine Harket. She also did “Panic Room” with CamelPhat, a UK production duo.

Stream and/or download “Emoji” by Au/Ra from your music provider of choice.

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