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Ariana Grande Officially Remixes ‘WAKE UP’ by Beyonce

Is Ariana Grande making her DJ debut? Because she dropped an official remix of “WAKE UP” by Beyonce and it’s on her new LP.

Ariana Grande released an official remix of a Beyonce song and it hasn’t even gone viral yet. But it does have over 300,000 views in five days, and it is only the audio version. Beyonce “WAKE UP” (Ariana Grande R.E.M.) is going to be on her upcoming album Sweetner out August 17, 2018.

Beyonce agreed to post the debut on her official YouTube channel in support of the track. Grande is surely set to make her DJ debut any day now. There no photographs of her DJing on Google.

On the official Instagram for the album, they posted a collage of Grande working on the new album with music producer Pharrell Williams in space while lyrics from the new album float by.

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To stay up to date on all things Ariana Grande visit her official website, where they have official Sweetner merch, including face masks and fanny packs.

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