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Alok & Yves V Are ‘Innocent’ Featuring Gavin James

Brazil’s Alok collaborated with Belgium’s Yves V on a track called “Innocent” and Gavin James sings vocals, all in a celestial new music video.

Alok, aka Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo, is like a really big deal in Brazil, along with plastic surgery and bikini waxes. (We don’t know that much about Brazil.) Yves V, aka Yves Van Geertsom, was one of the top 100 progressive house DJ/producers in Europe. Together they made “Innocent” with singer-songwriter Gavin James, from Ireland, who usually plays acoustic instruments.

When we were young, we thought we knew it all/ When we were strong and undefeatable/ Oh, no, no, no, when we were young/ Oh, no, no, no, and we were innocent…” croons James in an Irish tenor.

Songs about memories of being young are very emotional. The official music video is an animation etheral scenes like a single candle burning in the dark, and a couple making out in space.

Alok, the most famous artist in this collaboration, is more comfortable speaking in Portuguese. He was recently named the 13th top DJ in the world by DJ Mag. On Instagram he said, “Out of this world. And that’s how I felt several times during my childhood … If I could go back in time to say something to little Alok, I would say not to be afraid and that everything would work out. Today, I won together with you, the 13th place in the ranking of the best DJs in the world! If they ever tell you about some dream being impossible. Go there and live the impossible. Thank you for believing in me!” This is the English translation of what he told his social media manager.

Yves V was the world’s 34th top DJ in 2014. But those lists are won with ballot stuffing anyway. The producers that care the most about winning to campaign are the ones that get voted.

Stream and/or download “Innocent” by Alok and Yves V featuring Gavin James from your music provider of choice.

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Elizabeth de Moya has contributed to DJ Mag, DJ TechTools, LA Weekly and Thump (Vice). She has a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley.