Alison Wonderland Wears a Dress in Church Music Video

Alison Wonderland Wears a Dress in ‘Church’ Music Video

Alison Wonderland actually wears a dress to church in her new music video that precedes her sophomore album Awake scheduled for release soon.

There is a new music video by Alison Wonderland for “Church” that is the debut single of her second studio length album titled Awake. In the video Wonderland appears in church with a children’s chorus. She also wears a dress for the first time ever.

In an exclusive statement to Billboard the Australian EDM vocalist and producer mentions the song is about a special kind of pain that happens when an old friend gets jealous, and, “realizing your self-worth when the person you’re with doesn’t.” According to her, Awake was a deeply personal project that helped her to cope with her own struggles with depression.

Normally the DJ’s signature style includes oversized men’s t-shirts, comfortable sneakers and fishnet stockings or over the knee socks. Like that time she headlined SnowGlobe in a Dead Kennedy’s shirt and Vans. She is pictured here wearing her favorite Iron Man t-shirt.

alison wonderland spiderman t-shirt

So this lace dress is a momentous occasion for Alison Wonderland’s personal style. Although she does keep it casual with white sneakers. At least she has the sense to wear a dress to church, which she exchanges for an oversized tie dye hoodie halfway through.

Download or stream “Church” by Alison Wonderland from your platform of choice. Watch out for her Awake LP due out later this year.

Alison Wonderland like shirts by Moschino, who once collaborated with My Little Pony. Read about the amazing thing Flume is doing to save the Great Barrier Reef.

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