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Adidas x Parley Is Made from Recycled Ocean Plastic

Help ocean creatures with Adidas x Parley sneakers and activewear. They are made from recycled plastic.

Adidas and Parley teamed up on a line of products made from recycled ocean plastics. Parley is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising ocean awareness and programs that end it’s destruction. They recently collaborated with American Express and Massive Attack.

Every year millions of tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an area of the ocean the size of Texas covered in yucky, gnarly plastic garbage. Sea turtles are getting stabbed in the face with straws. So it’s important to think of ways to help.

Technically the sneakers are made from Parley Ocean Plasticâ„¢ upcycled waste from beaches and coastal communities that is intercepted before it reaches the ocean. That could mean that they picked it up from the beach, or they paid a lot of people to bring them used bottles.

Money from the proceeds goes to build a school in the Maldives, to fund an environmental education program for children, and teach kids to be the guardians of the ocean.

adidas x parley sneakers 2018

To learn more about Adidas x Parley, and shop the entire collection of product made from intercepted ocean plastic, visit the official Adidas website.

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