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How to Dress for a Rave

When you go to a nightclub or festival to appreciate a DJ set you shouldn't look like a street walker. You should look like a beautiful goddess running through a field. Men are also allowed to dress up.


Why Slutty Raver Costumes

Most online stores that specialize in EDM apparel and accessories are owned and operated by bros. SRC is a women's street fashion and music blog for people who love electronic dance music and fashion.


If I wear a slutty raver costume does that make me a slut?

No. We don't know you that well, but a revealing costume does not make you promiscuous. It shows that a woman is confident about her own body. That doesn't mean that you are willing to hook up with the next person you see, or that it's okay to sexually assault you. They don't even know you.

My Instagram or Pinterest photo was style blogged. Is that legal?

If you have a public Instagram account, you check into a large event and hashtag it with the name of that event then obviously you wanted people to see it, and it is legal to reblog according to the terms and conditions of your account. It encourages other users to follow you when your posts are embedded into blogs. And people are going to see it on Instagram and aggregate websites as well. Nevertheless if you wish for it to be removed please email us and it will be taken down or edited.

Do you use affiliate links?

We do use affiliate links for brands that participate. But not every company has an affiliate program and we still report on them if it is newsworthy. We owe it to our readers to bring them the latest trends in EDM and street fashion. 

Will you blog about my music or someone else's music?

You can send emails via the contact page.

Will you blog about my product, service or retail outlet?

We will consider opportunities for link sharing on a case by case basis. That means we will ask you to link your website to ours. Visit our contact page.

Where can I buy something I read about?

Click on the links in the article to go to the online store where it is sold.

Is Black Betty available to DJ at my event?

If you would like to book our editor Black Betty to DJ please email.