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A Boohoo x Paris Hilton Collection Is on the Way

Boohoo and Paris Hilton got together and designed some clothes that will be available from the e-retailer later this month.

Paris Hilton can afford designer clothes, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear Boohoo sometimes at home if it’s cute — just not to Coachella or the Met Gala. Enter the Boohoo x Paris Hilton fashion collection, exclusively available from the online retailer.

paris hilton x boohoo

A slinky, metallic cocktail dress.

WWD reports that the line is inspired by her hometown of Beverly Hills, and features animal prints, slinky metallics and palm trees. It will retail between $15 to $75, typical prices at Boohoo.

paris hilton x boohoo

Leopard print maxi dress and heels.

Hilton commented that she adored Boohoo immediately after discovering them on Instagram. She said the new collection is, “…Very Paris, inspired by my life and style, the early 2000s, Beverly Hills and Ibiza.” But she has not posted publicly about it on Instagram yet.

paris hilton x boohoo

White lace mini dress.

The Vice President of Marketing at Boohoo USA, Natalie McGrath stated, “What we were seeing coming through with all the trends this year was a throwback to the Nineties and the early 2000’s.” She continued with, “We wanted to home in on that trend and own it from a collaboration standpoint. What better to follow with an icon from that era, Paris Hilton?”

The heiress, DJ, singer and actress plans to promote Boohoo x Paris Hilton during her residency at Amnesia Ibiza. Her dance party Foams & Diamonds has been running there for five years now.

Boohoo x Paris Hilton debuts on June 20, 2018 at the official Boohoo website.

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