90’s Dance Music to Add to Your Pregame Playlist

These ten 90’s dance music videos are fun to watch and listen to while getting ready to go out at night.

Judging by the number of 90’s dance music parties in Los Angeles alone, the 1990’s must have been the best decade ever. It was a simpler time when people made calls on pay phones, paid for CD’s and advertised raves on card stock flyers or by word of mouth.

The grunge decade was heavily focused on alternative music and hip hop/R&B. Many of these dance music pioneers were lumped into the pop music category. But they were actually ahead of their time and continuing the tradition of 70’s disco/funk and 80’s house music.

Here is a selection of ten classic 90’s dance music tracks to get the party started. Now when your favorite DJ drops an old school track up in the club you will totally know — if you don’t already.

1. Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (1991)

“Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” was produced by the Basement Boys. Since then it has been sampled by T.I., G-EAZY and Too Short, Trey Songz, Alicia Keys, Pitbull and many more.

2. House of Pain – Jump Around (1992)

DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill produced this track in 1993 and eventually covered it. The tune is popular with dancehall DJ’s because it encourages the crowd to jump around and get rowdy.

3. Robin S – Show Me Love (1993)

This song was remixed by Swedish production duo Stonebridge and Nick Nice in 1993. In recent years the song was covered by Sam Feldt featuring Kimberly Ann, and by Steve Angello with Laidback Luke.

4. Blur – Girls and Boys (1994)

Blur’s first hit single was inspired by the promiscuousness of clubbers in Spain at the time. The sexual anthem was the perfect follow up to the androgyny of the 80’s and 70’s.

5. Björk – Army of Me (1995)

“Army of Me” was the lead single off the 1995 album Post. It is about regaining control of your life, and contains a Led Zeppelin sample. It was remixed by the Beastie Boys, also in 1995.

6. Daft Punk – Around the World (1997)

This song has been covered twelve times, which is amazing because it only has one lyric repeated over and over again. It appeared on Daft Punk’s debut album Homework in 1997.

7. The Prodigy – Firestarter (1996)

“Firestarter” was the Prodigy’s first number one song, which was released on their third LP Fat of the Land. It has been covered by Gene Simmons, Jimmy Eat World and Sepultura, among others.

8. Armand Van Helden ft Duane Harden ‎– You Don’t Know Me (1998)

“You Don’t Know Me” was the debut single of Van Helden’s third studio album 2 Future 4 You. Obviously he was very future at the time since most people didn’t even say that during the 90’s.

9. Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy, Hey Girl (1999)

Released as a single from the 1999 album Surrender, this song made it to third on the UK singles charts. The drum beat was “inspired” by a Lords of Acid track called “I Sit on Acid” (1988).

10. Groove Armada – I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix) (1999)

Fatboy Slim remixed Groove Armada’s “I See You Baby” around the same time it was released. In it Gram’ma Funk can be heard to proclaim, “This is the house that funk built,” which is true.

When way back Wednesday and throw back Thursday come along, hit em hard with a classic 90’s club track. To really appreciate these 90’s dance hits you could add them to your playlist on Spotify, or enjoy watching the retro music videos on YouTube, via this playlist.


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