8 Ways to Wear a Bra as a Shirt

It would be a shame if no one saw that beautiful bralette except you so here are eight ways to wear a bra as a top.

There are so many ornamental bras out there and most of the time only a handful of people even get to see them — unless you are in the habit of posting these things on Instagram.

It is socially acceptable to wear a bralette as a shirt under many circumstances. This isn’t the best look for the office or a family reunion. But it is encouraged during a night out and while exercising.

If you like any of the following items click on the image to learn more about the product in store. But obviously you will want to combine all of these ideas in as many different ways as possible.

1. Under a shirt

A sheer blouse is still technically a top but it does show off a bralette nicely. The model shown is pairing hers with a pink metallic mini skirt and open toed heels. It has feather embellishments but also look for lace or sequins when shopping for mesh tops.

sheer mesh top over bralette

Misguided Black Feather Cuff Mesh Top ($34)

2. Over a shirt

A bra over another shirt becomes the main point of focus. It is like a big arrow pointing at your breasts. Wear a corset over an oversized tee and over the knee boots and it looks like a mini dress.

leather corset style bra over tshirt

ASOS PU Leather Underwire Corset ($44.79)

3. With a cut up tee

Take a chopped up band tee and destroy it even more. Then layer it over a bralette so that your nipples aren’t exposed. Contrast the oversized concert t-shirt with an ultra feminine bra such as lace.

cut up metallica t shirt

TOPSHOP by And Finally Slashed Metallica Tee (On sale for $27.97)

4. As a matching set

If the bra matches the trousers or skirt then it is obviously a matching set and not underwear. House of Harlow 1960 and Revolve have teamed up to design a line of bralettes in multiple colors with wide leg trousers and smoking jackets to accompany them.

bailey bralette

House of Harlow 1960 Bailey Bralette in Rich ($108)

Or pair a bra with a matching midi skirt rather than a pant suit. This leather bra has a retro Sixties cut you don’t see a lot anymore. Or go for faux leather, which is less costly and guilt inducing.

studded leather bra

Zana Bayn Leather Sunburst Studded Framed Leather Bra ($450)

5. With trousers

The bra does not have to match the pants. Here the model wears her bralette with wide leg slacks and platform pumps. The rhinestone bra is sold at Forever 21 but it is not designed by them. It would look eye catching peaking out of a silky blouse as well.

sparkly rhinestone bra

Bedazzled Halter Bra ($78)

6. In a plunging neckline

The plunging neckline looks amazing on the red carpet. But how do they avoid wardrobe malfunctions that invariably come with it? Full figured ladies can wear an attractive bra with a plunging neckline to stop from popping out of their top. Choose a cute one.

plunge neck body suit

Boohoo Kelly Capri Length Plunge Neck Unitard ($16)

7. Active leisurewear

Here’s to the fitness aficionados that have no shame about working out in their underwear in broad daylight, whether it be in a crowded gym or jogging on a busy pathway. You get it girl.

calvin klein bra

Calvin Klein Velvet Triangle Bra in Black ($36)

8. As a rave bra

EDM ravers (as opposed to 90’s ravers) wear a traditional outfit that consists of a rave bra, fluffies and kandi jewelry. This might seem silly at first but an enormous amount of effort and creativity goes into it. There are some gorgeous designs on Etsy and Pinterest. Wear them with booty shorts or a mini skirt, and statement jewelry.

spiked padded party bra

AK-Trading Neon Green Spiked Padded Party Bra ($18.97)


An alternative to a bra or bralette is pasties or body paint. It depends on your level of comfort with the exposure. You could free the nipple but that’s really more of a personal decision.

Click on the images above to shop for them in the online store.

Cover image: Rihanna steps out in her underwear and Alessandra Ambrosio wears a stunning pantsuit with a matching bralette.

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