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4 Different Styles of Candy Raver Costumes

Slutty Raver Costumes styles four unique candy raver costumes that are ideal for EDC Las Vegas, and other EDM festivals.

A candy raver is the most pop oriented raver. The can often be spotted at warehouse raves wearing copious amounts of “rave candy” bracelets fashioned from brightly colored plastic beads. Or they might be playing with LED lights and asking random people if they know where to score. The traditional costume for a candy raver includes pasties or a rave bra, a tutu or booty shorts, fishnet stockings, fluffies, and either platforms or a flat rubber soled sneaker.

Rainforest Raver

rainforest candy raver

This LED Light Up Neon Tulle Night Run Tutu is only $12.99 at Walmart, and it comes in other colors. The Pastease® Fierce Sloth Nude Vegan Suede Nipple Pasties ($10) glow in the dark. You’re going to want an organic based glitter such as EcoStardust Emerald Biodegradable Glitter ($8.14). The Fleur Is Coeur Tropical Flower Crown ($69.90) uses tropical blooms such as the passion flower. The Steve Madden Cabo ($89.95) have an extra-tall jute platform sole that is all natural.

Space Goth Raver

galaxy goth candy raver

Keep it space goth in a Got Em Shook Mesh Ombre Bodysuit ($50), with Pastease UFO Holo Pasties ($10) strategically placed over the nipple area. The UO Alien Shield Sunglasses (On sale for $14.99) are like something that an alien would wear to a rave. The Dickies Iridescent Hip Sack ($14.99) is a brand new design from the brand. Dance the night away without developing severe blisters in the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sequins High Top (On sale for $49.97).

Super Gay Raver

rainbow candy raver

Show off your pride in a Rainbow Fantasy Costume Bustle Tutu ($11.99). The Hot Topic Glitter Rainbow Flatform Sneakers (On sale for $41.17) are more affordable than the Gucci version. The Spiral Rainbow Sequins Bum Bag ($21.95) has a prismatic pattern in eye catching sequins. The Rainbow Kawaii Cloud Pasties ($7.95) look like happy rainclouds. The Color Changing LED Hula Hoop in Cotton Candy Rainbow ($60) gives you something to do on the go go platform.

Pro-legalization Raver

pro-legalization candy raver

The Mingalnd Weed Cannabis Crop Top ($14.35) also comes in White. Wear it with a weed thong, such as the Sassy Assy Marijuana Print Booty Shorts ($14.99). The Brave New Look Cannabis Haze Women’s Canvas Shoes (On sale for $39) match perfectly with the Socco Crew White Rasta Socks ($10.95/pair). Top it off with the Dr. Jay’s Marijuana Plant Distressed Dad Hat ($10.99).

EDM festivals, and other events, are one of the best places to get as creative as you want to be with your look. Rather than donning the same old candy bracelets and fluffies as everyone and their moms, show some creativity by choosing a theme for your next candy raver costume.

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