Florence welch and janelle monae with cute braids

25 Cute Ideas for Festival Braids to EDM at Raves

There is a long tradition of hair braiding at events dating back to medieval times. Here are some ideas for festival braids.

A lot of different cultures braid their hair. And if you ordered your extensions from Asia then it doesn’t really matter who you are. With the popularity of festival hairstyles at music festivals like Coachella and Burning Man, there should be more hair braiding booths at all EDM festivals — like they do at the Renaissance fair. Check out these different kinds of festival braids.

Ring Braids

Fancy Hair Rings

Hair Jewelry

Bohemian Braids

Gypsy Hair Rings

Braided Hair Rings

Colorful Braids

Rainbow Crystals

Willow Smith

Party Style

Diagonal Braids

Ombre Rainbow

Pigtail Braids

Half Pigtail Buns

Messy Pigtails

Bubble Braids

Oversized Pigtails

Janelle Monae

Glitter Braids

Glitter Halo

Glitter Roots

Venus de Glitter

Glitter Highlights

Mermaid Glitter

Chain Braids

Florence Welch

Double Braids

Half Updo Braids

Filagree Chains

Fox and Gypsy

If you have festival tickets to one of the hottest gathering of the years, and you know that you will be taking a lot of photos, then it’s a good idea to get your hair braided. There are many different styles of intricate hair braids so consider going to a professional. You may want to consider hair extensions, which is a trick that celebrities use all the time. Depending on what type of hair style you choose, it could last for weeks afterwards.

Cover image: Florence Welch and Janelle Monae with cute braids.

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