24 Unique Ideas for Sexy Christmas Costumes

During winter holiday gatherings you are technically allowed to wear a slutty Christmas costume, especially ravers. Check out these 24 ideas for costumes!

The Christmas costume is not as popular as the Halloween costume, but with a little enthusiasm it could be. There are at least 24 different types of Christmas characters to dress up as at holiday parties and large events. There is even one Hanukkah costume.

Check out 24 unique ideas for sexy Christmas costumes and click on the links to learn more about these products in the online store.

1. Elf/Santa’s Helper

The elf, aka Santa’s Little Helper, is an indispensable part of the system that doesn’t get a lot of credit. The Enticing Elf Costume ($98.95) from 3 Wishes is short overalls with a ruffle trim and an elf hat.

elf santas helper Christmas costume

2. The Grinch

Picture yourself in these Grinch Fuzzy Leg Warmers ($24.99) from HalloweenCostumes.com with the matching wrist cuffs and hoodie that are sold separately.

grinch Christmas costume

3. The Virgin Mary

Even if you did sex up this Adult Virgin Mary Costume ($14.07) by wearing nothing underneath, at least you’re remembering the true spirit of Christmas.

virgin mary Christmas costume

The Virgin Mary was pregnant on Christmas Eve so don’t forget the Forum Novelties Costumes Pregnant Belly (On sale for $13.89).

pregnant belly Christmas costume

4. Reindeer

Reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh and are mean to others for being different until they save their ass on Christmas Eve. Check out the Halter-Neck Tutu-Skirt Sexy Reindeer Costume ($35.95) at Maykool. If you wear black platform boots under the fluffies it will look like hooves!

reindeer Christmas costume

5. Snowman

Frosty the Snow Vixen Costume ($56.99) is ice cold but her heart will melt near the end of winter when she dies forever, or at least until next year.

snowman Christmas costume

6. Abominable Snowman

The abominable snowman is a mythical beast that wanders around the slopes of tall mountains. Look at this baby in the Infant Abominable Snowbaby Costume ($49.94)!

abominable snowman Christmas costume


7. Christmas Tree

The Green Tiered Christmas Tree Costume ($30.99) is a ruffled mini dress with a matching star hat.

tree Christmas costume

8. Angel

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven and spoke unto Mary, Do not be afraid?” You are going to hear a lot of that at the bar in the Angelic Beauty Silver Angel Corset Costume (On sale for $255.95) from Spicy Lingerie. The sequined corset comes with wings and a six-inch modesty panel.

angel Christmas costume

9. Christmas Caroler

The scarlet Christmas Caroler Adult Costume ($34.57) would have been considered scandalous in the 1800s. Now it is an opportunity to wear a muff and bonnet with rag curls in a public setting.

caroler Christmas costume

10. Elf on the Shelf

This Sexy Bookshelf Elf Costume ($59.95) is not affiliated with Elf on the Shelf but it does look a lot like it. Use it to sit on furniture and stare at people before putting them on blast to Santa.

bookshelf elf Christmas costume

11. Gingerbread Person

Everyone wants to catch the gingerbread man but he manages to elude them. This adult Gingerbread Man Costume ($67.99) is funny and warmer than these other choices.

gingerbread man Christmas costume

12. Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Show off those legs by going to the holiday party dressed up as the Christmas Story Lamp Skirt ($25.35). The model is wearing it with fishnets, black pumps and a simple black tank top.

lamp Christmas costume

13. Scrooge + 1

Couples can go as Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas in this Scrooge Nightshirt ($17.90) and Haunting Beauty Adult Costume ($37.49).

scrooge Christmas costume

14. Toy Soldier

This Ladies Toy Soldier Costume ($36.42) at Aliexpress, has epaulettes and a feathered cap. The model wears it with sequined shorts and over the knee, high heeled boots.

toy soldier nutcracker Christmas costume

15. Sugar Plum Fairy

The Sugar Plum Fairy is presumably a fairy with candy although they never go very in depth into that in the Nutcracker. Check out this Women’s Fairy Costume ($34.99).

sugar plum fairy Christmas costume

16. Wiseman

With the Adult’s Plush Ride-a-Camel Costume ($23.98) from the Oriental Trading Company, intended specifically for Nativity scenes, your wisemen can ride to Bethlehem on a funny camel.

wiseman Christmas costume

17. Penguin

Waddle around in a Hottie Penguin Costume ($39.99) from Yandy this holiday season. If anyone gives you trouble about being from the South Pole just look at them with a weirdly blank expression.

penguin Christmas costume

18. Fragile Costume

Careful he’s sensitive. This Christmas Story Crate Costume ($38.25) is unisex and leaves everything to the imagination.

fragile Christmas costume

19. Polar Bear

The 8-Piece Deluxe Polar Bear Animal Costume is on sale at Ami Clubwear for $78.75. It includes a furry corset and mini skirt with a bear tail, as well as coordinating fluffies, mittens and an animal hood. You should drink Coca Cola while wearing it to be more like the classic commercial.

polar bear Christmas costume

20. Christmas Mouse

Remember being scared by the Mouse King from the Nutcracker as a small child? Now you can relive that memory over and over again with the Mouse King Head ($251.71).

mouse Christmas costume

21. Jack Skellington

For some reason every emo person in the world loves Nightmare Before Christmas and now they can dress up for Christmas in the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Costume ($34.99).

jack skellington Christmas costume

22. Dreidel

The Lightweight Dreidel Mascot Costume is on sale from Mascot More for $699. Or maybe you could go as a sexy menorah?

dreidel not Christmas costume

23. Christmas Cowgirl

The Cowboy Santa Claus Christmas Hat with White Light Fur Trim ($8.99) is currently on backorder until next August because it’s so awesome. It would be perfect for Lights All Night music festival in Texas.

cowgirl Christmas costume

24. Mrs. Claus

Wearing the Santa’s Little HoHoHo Holiday Set ($29.95) doesn’t make you a prostitute. This particular Miss Claus costume is good for raving because it has a hood. The model wears hers with white fluffies.

mrs claus Christmas costume


Wear one of these Christmas costumes to any type of seasonal festivities. There are a lot of those this time of year including music festivals, DJ sets, corporate parties, nightclub gatherings, holiday soirees, dinner parties, family reunions, ski trips, obligational work gift exchanges and more.

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