a slutty lumberjack, pharaoh and ladybug

19 Fun Ideas for Sexy Men’s Halloween Costumes

In the year 2018 men can dress up in revealing Halloween costumes to show off how comfortable they are with their masculinity.

Don’t be the only one at the Halloween party in an unsexy costume. These days men are shedding misconceptions about gender roles and donning skimpy costumes to celebrate. There are at least 19 different ways to dress up in a slutty men’s Halloween costume to join the fun. Avoid any costume that references your genitals, that’s more rapey than funny.

1. Generous Genie

2. Cuddly Cowboy

3. Get Lucky Ladybug

4. Loose Lumberjack

5. Hot Highway Patrol

6. Steamy Sailor

7. Flirty Pharaoh

8. Spicy Waiter

9. Slutty Satyr

10. Bouncy Ball Pit

11. Flexing Fireman

12. Sensual Superhero

13. Provocative Picachu

14. Gorge Gladiator

15. Racy Robin Hood

16. Cute Convict

17. Banging Butler

18. Smutty Schoolboy

19. Virile Viking

Most of these sexy Halloween costumes for males seem to be men in uniform. Perhaps that says something about sexual objectification in the society that we live in. But who cares when it’s men? This Halloween defy gender boundaries and impress the ladies and gentlemen in a sexy costume. Don’t forget to take a lot of selfies at multiple angles then post them on Instagram. This will help you get more followers and make it in the industry, where we know people.

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Elizabeth de Moya has contributed to DJ Mag, DJ TechTools, LA Weekly and Thump (Vice). She has a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley.