19 Essentials for an Evening Out

Wondering what to bring to a rave or DJ set? What will you need for pre-gaming and then post gaming?

There are three times when you might need something during a rave, beforehand, during and after.

Essentials for an Evening Out

When going out for the evening to an event you don’t want to have to keep track of a lot of stuff. A small handbag such as a clutch, cross body or wristlet holds the bare necessities like phone and ID.

1. Wallet

A small wallet fits easily into a clutch and organizes you cash, credit cards and photo ID, so you don’t have to dig around for it in the dark. This one pays tribute to 1970’s garage rock pioneers the Stooges.

2. Smartphone w/ Case

The smartphone is essential for documenting epic DJ sets, as well as any drama that might occur when that many inebriated people get together. Personalize it with an eye catching case.

3. Makeup + Cosmetics Case

Lipstick has to be reapplied 20 times per night. And if you have a bold shade then the lip pencil helps to keep it in the lines. You don’t want cosmetics all over the inside of a nice purse so get a makeup bag.

4. Coin Purse

 A coin purse is good for storing loose change and other small objects.

5. Glow Stick

Glow sticks are a dollar at the 99 cent store. You can try to sell them at the rave but no one will want to buy any because they’re worthless.

6. Self Defense Keychain

Some nightclubs might not allow self defense keychains based on the security policy. Keep in mind these are for emergency situations like if you are attacked by a serial killer/rapist or an angry bear and need to escape right away. They are NOT for settling arguments.

7. Cocktail Ring

A conspicuous cocktail ring is perfects for an evening out with drinks.

8. Evening Bag

Put all of these rave essentials into a stunning wristlet, clutch or cross body, such as this mesh bag with Swarovski crystal embellishments. It can be worn as a bracelet.


A Night Out Emergency Kit

If you travel to the nightclub or warehouse in a car then you can bring back up supplies in the trunk. Remember not to drive under the influence and/or to designate a driver. If you rely on public transportation then you cannot bring as much stuff, but might be able to get a hotel room nearby with a group of friends.

1. Comfortable Shoes

Dancing in pumps leads to sore feet and trashed heels. Unless you want to walk around downtown barefoot it’s a good idea to pack back up shoes. These are slip on slides but you could also use flats.

2. Super Soft Blanket

  • The Big One® Supersoft Plush Throw ($17.99)

    If you “accidentally” get too drunk to drive do what they do in LA. Pass out in the car under a blanket and hope passersby think you are a pile of dirty laundry. This gives you time to sober up and reflect on life. A warm blanket also might save you from hypothermia.

3. Hooded Sweatshirt

Don’t forget to bring a jacket in case you get chilly. A super soft oversized hoodie in a galaxy print is very EDM. And the zipper in the front makes it easier to take on and off, without cinching your neck.

4. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

It’s hard enough doing the walk of shame the next morning. Don’t attempt it with bad breath when you could easily bring a travel toothpaste and toothbrush.

5. Water Infuser

Stay hydrated and save money on bottled water by bringing your own water bottle. This one has an infuser suitable for organic material so you can make flavored water like at fancy hotels.

6. Special Brownie

The price of cannabis infused edibles varies from dispensary to dispensary and may or may not be available depending on where you live. No one ever died at a rave from eating a pot brownie, and according to scientists it makes music sound good.

7. Backpack or Bag

Carry this rave emergency kit in a trendy backpack with durable construction. Fjallraven has been making packs since the 1960’s.


Cover art: Epic scene from the film Go (1999)

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Elizabeth de Moya has contributed to DJ Mag, DJ TechTools, LA Weekly and Thump (Vice). She has a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley.