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11 Berets That Prove They Are Trending Again

Sacré bleu! The woolen beret is back in fashion and we found 11 different options that will make you say, “Oo la la.” Shop contemporary berets here.

There are a lot of good reasons to wear a beret including the following.

  • That Prince song “Raspberry Beret” about a girlfriend who wore a pink beret and not much else.
  • To look like a beatnik, or the stereotypical 1950’s beat generation that included Jack Kerouac.
  • The beret is a quintessentially French hat with a history dating back to Roman times.
  • To look cuter in shorts or a crop top. Berets go well with nearly every outfit in any season.

11 Woolen Berets

1. Eric Javits

Eric Javits Suzette Studded Beret

The Eric Javits Suzette Studded Beret (On sale for $110) is made from a super soft material and trimmed with pyramid shaped studs. Javits is an accessories designer who also makes handbags.

2. Laulhere

lauhere smiley beret

The Laulhere Smiley Beret (On sale for $94.80) comes in both Black and Red. The viscose and leather beret has a large smiley face on the back of the head. And it is made in France.

3. Helene Berman

Helene Berman Wool Star Beret

Space goths and cowboys will appreciate the Helene Berman Wool Star Beret (On sale for $58.80), which also comes in Red. The beret has a star embellishment that goes all around the hat.

4. Lord & Taylor

d & Taylor Angelina Cashmere Beret

At Lord & Taylor the Angelina Cashmere Beret (On sale for $54) comes in seven different colors, including Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Ivory (shown here), Red and Taupe. It is the only cashmere one here.

5. Kate Spade

bow pom beret KATE SPADE NEW YORK

The Kate Spade New York Bow Pom Beret ($48) features a playful bow with two pom poms. Nordstrom says that the two tone beret has an enchanting retro vibe. It comes in Grey (shown above) and Black.

6. River Island

river island pink felt beret

The River Island Pink Felt Beret ($28) also comes in White. Since it is pink this beret is as close as you can get to the Prince song “Raspberry Beret” depending on what color you think raspberry is.

7. Evelyn K.

Sequin Beret EVELYN K

The Evelyn K. Sequin Beret ($26) is covered in Rose Gold sequins. There is also a Silver one. Wear a metallic sequin beret with all black to add a dash of color, or add it to a shiny ensemble for more glitz.


ASOS Wool Beret With Bow

The ASOS Wool Beret with Bow ($19) is Green with a striped bow embellishment on the back that is black, green and blue. The old school brushed wool beret has a soft touch style.

9. Urban Outfitters

UO Faux Leather Silver Beret

The UO Faux Leather Silver Beret (On sale $19.99) is the only silver, faux leather beret we could find at Slutty Raver Costumes. The space glam accessory is future and retro at the same time.

10. Natasha Accessories

Natasha Accessories Grommet Detail Wool Blend Beret

The Natasha Accessories Grommet Detail Wool Blend Beret ($14.97) is 70% wool and machine wash cold. The solid black hat has metal grommet embellishments of varying sizes all over.

11. Forever 21

Forever 21 Wool Blend Cat Ear Beret

The Forever 21 Wool Blend Cat Ear Beret (On sale for $10) comes in Black and Red. It has two ears that make you look like a silly kitty or un chat drôle as the French say sometimes.

A beret is the perfect accessory for many occasions such as writing on a laptop, sipping beverages at a sidewalk cafe, riding a moped, or chain smoking and contemplating the meaning of existence.

If you would like a beret then what about a round crossbody pill box shoulder bag to go with it?


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